American Gods: “The Secret of Spoons” Review

Full spoilers for American Gods continue below. For more on American Gods, make sure to read our spoiler-free review of the series premiere and actress Yetide Badaki’s story behind Bilquis’s big sex scene.

Bryan Fuller isn’t pulling his punches when it comes to lacing political and cultural commentary through American Gods, and race — particularly Shadow Moon’s race — was a primary focus of the series’ second episode.

After the flashy and bloody Vikings opening sequence in the series premiere, “The Secret of Spoon’s” introduction to Orlando Jones’ Ansani was about as pointed a statement as Fuller and co-showrunner Michael Green can make, and was the more effective for it. Jones’ monologue delivery was chill-inducing during the “Coming to America” opening, as he told a ship full of slaves about the fraught future they had ahead of them in America.

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