Gotham: “The Primal Riddle” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Gotham played it mostly smart this week in “The Primal Riddle” (title taken from an actual comic arc) by sticking with Edward Nygma and his newly developed criminal genius status, showing us the ups and downs of having such a particular persona.

At some point, I may list off a full rundown of things Gotham’s not allowed to do anymore (Wayne Manor invasions, attacks on the precinct, etc) as a new item on the docket is “villain holds hostages live on the evening news,” but at least with Nygma’s crusade this week — a quest to solve the puzzle that is the Court of Owls — we got to spot the fatal flaws behind being The Riddler. As well as some of the advantages. Most importantly though, we saw why it was so important for him to do the things he did the way he did them.

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