Better Call Saul: “Chicanery” Review

Full spoilers for Better Call Saul continue below.

Did anyone else stop breathing during the final moments of the latest Better Call Saul? This entire series has been hinged around Jimmy’s relationship with Chuck, and finally — finally, FINALLY — that house of cards came crumbling down, with Jimmy getting the one-up on his hateable older brother.

If there’s one thing that “Chicanery” provided, it was catharsis. Catharsis for Jimmy in finally getting to hear the truth that Chuck has been hiding behind his composed veneer, but also catharsis for the audience who has been so frustrated by the way Chuck has treated Jimmy for two and a half seasons. This is arguably the most pivotal episode of Better Call Saul to date. Maybe there’s a world in which Chuck can somehow come back from the way he cracked at the end of the episode, but I don’t imagine that’s the case.

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