Supergirl: “City of Lost Children” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

If there’s any character that deserves to be completely cut out of the equation in Supergirl’s second season, it’s James Olsen. The show has continually struggled to find a place for James following the quick dissolution of his romance with Kara. Turning him into a costumed vigilante hasn’t helped, and nor does the abrupt decision to explore his fatherly side. “City of Lost Children” did nothing to suggest that James’ prospects on the series are improving.

A lot of what bugs me about the ongoing Guardian subplot is that it feels so completely unearned. The writers have never really justified James’ sudden urge to be a superhero in the first place. It comes across as little more than a childish power fantasy, especially considering how much more good he could theoretically be doing for his city by focusing his full attention on his publishing responsibilities. Not to mention that the show has never explained how James could immediately morph from simple photographer into a back-flipping, high-kicking martial arts machine.

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