Is the Arrow-verse Setting Up Its Own Justice League?


One of the biggest mysteries in the Arrow-verse over the years has been the question of whether Batman exists in the same world as The Flash and Green Arrow.

We’ve seen some of his iconic villains show up (Ra’s al Ghul and Harley Quinn, sort of), and even heard Vandal Savage make a reference to “Dark Knights” falling, but there’s never been direct confirmation that the Arrow-verse has a Batman. But now we seem to have our answer. There may not be a Batman on Barry Allen and Oliver Queen’s world, but there is one in the Supergirl universe.

That confirmation came in last night’s episode, “City of Lost Children,” as Winn and James made a joking reference to “Clark’s friend,” a dark vigilante with a habit of frightening the very people he’s trying to protect. The name “Batman” was never actually uttered, but it’s clear from the context of that scene (and Winn miming a pair of bat ears) that they were referring to the Caped Crusader. This is more than a simple, fun cameo. This twist could have major ramifications for the Arrow-verse as a whole.

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