Boruto Episode 22 Review


This week’s Boruto features the return of one of Naruto’s most infamous characters while Naruto and Sasuke search for information on the whereabouts of the kidnapped Sakura. It lacks the action of previous episodes, but is loaded with great revelations that have big implications for the rest of Sarada’s tumultuous journey.

Following their encounter with Shin, Sasuke and Naruto quickly assume that he must be a subordinate of Orochimaru’s and decide to pay his lab a visit. Upon arriving Orochimaru confirms he knows of Shin, but Sarada has other goals in mind and sets off to grill Orochimaru’s assistants about her parentage. I’m not sure if the inclusion of a maligned character like Orochimaru counts as fan-service, but there is something undoubtedly satisfying about seeing him interact with his former enemies. Despite being reduced from villain to plot device, he’s still the same gleefully wicked guy, even though Naruto and Sasuke hardly register him as a threat.

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