Cars 3 ‘Rivalry’ Trailer: Lightning McQueen vs. Jackson Storm

The latest trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 teases a bitter rivalry between Lightning McQueen and his next-generation racing nemesis Jackson Storm. The first Cars 3 trailer showed that Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen is firmly back in the driving seat on this franchise, after his loveable sidekick Mater took pole position in Cars 2 – and that the series is going back to its racing roots for the climactic chapter of Lightning McQueen’s run. Cars 3 picks up at the tail-end of his sparkling racing career, which is almost brought to an early close thanks to a spectacular crash on the track.

Cars 3 follows McQueen and a host of new characters, as the many-time Piston Cup Champion struggles to get back into a competition that is quickly leaving him behind. He finds his ultimate rival in Jackson Storm, a high-tech nemesis that threatens to consign McQueen to the scrapheap.

The latest Cars 3 trailer (see the video above) teases a classic …

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