Twin Peaks in 5 Minutes

Twin Peaks is returning in less than two weeks with its much-anticipated season 3 premiere. To get up to speed on the major events of Twin Peaks and the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, here’s as brief a synopsis as we could muster.

Be warned: major spoilers ahead.

Click through the gallery below for a refresher on Twin Peaks characters.

When the body of homecoming queen Laura Palmer washes up on the sleepy shores of Twin Peaks, the small Washington town goes into an absolute panic. Meanwhile, Laura’s classmate Ronette Pulaski is found wandering in a catatonic state near the train tracks. Enter Special Agent Dale Cooper, sent in by the FBI to investigate. Cooper quickly finds a link between Laura and Ronette’s attackers and the murder of a young woman named Teresa Banks, whose corpse was found in similar circumstances the year before in Deer Meadow — wrapped in plastic and with a tiny letter slipped under her fingernails.

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