The Flash is Reborn in New Season 4 Promo

Grant Gustin as the Flash

A new promo for season 4 of The Flash reveals Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) return to Central City, but as a very different man from when he left. The CW series returns next month, picking up several months after the last season ended (as usual). Season 3 ended with Iris (Candice Patton) being saved from her fate at the hands of Savitar, but with the shocking loss of Barry himself. The speedster walked into the Speed Force in the final moments of the finale, sacrificing himself in order to save Central City yet again, and leaving his friends and family behind.

Fans never doubted that Barry’s loss would be temporary — although there are plenty of other speedsters in Central City these days, he remains the titular character and star of the show. In addition, fans already learned that he would return to marry Iris in season 4, and that …

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