Wonder Woman Gets How It Should Have Ended Treatment

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has gotten its own spoof video explaining how the film should have ended. The film, which catapulted Gal Gadot as arguably DC Extended Universe’s poster character, was by no means perfect, but it has some pretty strong elements to it with a steady storytelling tone and focused narrative that tied Diana Prince’s origins story tidily. That said, this new clip counters the action-packed and emotional finale that the Patty Jenkins-directed movie delivered, making a case for how the movie’s story should have panned out.

Officially crowned as this year’s biggest summer film, Wonder Woman has made over $800 million globally — more than half of it was from domestic ticket sales, prompting it to be part of an elite list of films which were able to nab more than $400 million in the United States. The movie was so successful that Warner …

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